Jared & Janice Sausalito Engagement

Jared and Janice have their friends to thank for their first meeting.

The two had been matched up and there were talks about a potential blind date, but they ended up first meeting at a friend’s get together. They both went to the party knowing they were going to meet the other person there. It was like having a blind date with all of your close friends in attendance. But once they saw each other, they were both thankful.

Jared was definitely interested in seeing Janice again. This time without all of their friends joining them. With the party in full swing, he finally got the courage to ask Janice for her phone number. And just as he began to utter the words the room fell silent. Though it made an already nerve-racking situation even more embarrassing, Jared walked away with Janice’s phone number and plans for an official first date.

Janice and Jared said those famous three words “I love you” while walking along the water’s edge in Sausalito. They decided to go back to that very spot for their engagement photos. The session was filled with love and laughter and I’m confident their marriage will be too.

Jared and Janice, I smiled my way through your photos. I wanted to go back and relive the entire session. I cannot wait to see you two again! Your wedding this November is going to be a special one. We are so excited for you both! Congratulations on your engagement! We hope you enjoy this very special time of life.

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