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2016 Calendar

As I mentioned last week, we are in the process of moving.

I’m sure you all can relate – purging, boxing, cleaning and painting can feel quite daunting at times. But as I daydream about turning our new house into a home, I get butterflies of excitement and feel so thankful for this next chapter. After majorly downsizing almost four years ago, there will be a few things we need to purchase for the new place. But we’re in no rush. Living in a tiny space has taught us so many great lessons that we hope to carry into our new home. One of which – less is always more!

We are still two weeks away from moving, but I went ahead and made one single purchase for our new home. This beautiful calendar from Salt Stains!

Salt Stains was launched by our former client, now friend, Yuris. Her artistry blows me away! And I love the heart that goes into each piece she designs. I followed along as she began designing this calendar and I couldn’t believe the final product. When the calendar arrived, it was even more beautiful than I expected. I am so happy this was the first item purchased for our new home. I can’t wait to look at Yuris’ art each day and be reminded of the truths poured out onto each page.

Yuris and I are collaborating to give one lucky person a beautiful 2016 Love Verse Calendar. You can find all the details on my Instagram account! Also, check out the behind the scenes details of Salt Stains’ 12 Love Verses Calendar and be sure to check out her online shop.

Salts Stains 2016 Calendar Giveaway