Michael + Kate:

Before the internet and the world of online dating, people used to get matched up by their friends. A person’s BFF would size up the potential candidate. And just like with online dating, their appearance, general interests, and compatibly would all be factored into the perfect equation to see if they’d be a right fit.

This is precisely how Michael and Kate started dating. Their mutual friends did the math and thought they’d be the perfect pair. They should be given a cupid award for their match making efforts because Michael and Kate have been together since high school.

Having been together for so many years, their love is acquainted, familiar and strong. Their roots have grown deep and a foundation has been set. They are ready to grow old with each other by their side.

Kate and Michael – thank you for giving us the absolute pleasure of documenting your love. To say it was fun would be an understatement. The location, the light, the two of you – it was all perfectly romantic. We are so excited to be photographing your wedding this upcoming October. Cheers to celebrating you!

Golden light and rolling hills. Engaged couple hugging each other.Girl giggling as her fiance picks her up. Goldne grass and an old tree in the background.Couple wearing white summer shorts hugging each other. Engagement photography in the golden hills.Portrait of a couple sitting on the bench in each other's arms with a moon in the sky behind them.Portraiit of an engaged couple sitting on the dock of a lake snuggling together. Engagement portrait.Closeup of a guy and a girl laughing together.Engagement photos with a beautiful sunsetCouple standing in the middle of the field holding hands.Portrait of a guy and a girl with sun flare