Road Tripping

Unexpected weather

Vitaliy and I are at the Alt Design Summit in Salt Lake City this week. We drove into the city with signs that read “Poor Air Quality, Travel Wise.” We were clueless until the following day when we woke up to a smog covered city. Not to mention, my cold that started off as a cough has turned into something much uglier. That poor air quality has literally turned into poor breathing quality. The ironic thing is that I was sick last year at Alt too.

Thankfully, Vitaliy tagged along with me this year and has been my faithful doctor and nurse. He prescribes my daily medicine regimen, makes me tea, and encourages me to make the most of this conference. So that’s what we’re doing! We enjoyed a fabulous Clue Themed Party this evening. We coordinated with Professor Plum as our color inspiration. More on that next week!

But for now, stay safe out there! It sounds like the weather is crazy all over the US. Yesterday, we woke up to our car covered in ice. But today is a new adventure! And I’ll be tackling it with my tissues and cough syrup in hand.