Pictilio Families

As thankful November rolled in this past week, I couldn’t help but start to ponder all the things I feel grateful for in my life.

One of the very first things that came to mind were our clients, both past and present. They not only put their trust in us, which I am so gracious for, but they also give us the ability to do what we love. It was almost a year ago that I quit my job to join Vitaliy doing Pictilio full time. I cannot believe how quickly that year has gone by. It hasn’t come without its difficulties, but I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else with my life right now.

One of the things that got me thinking about all of this is the recent inquiries we’ve received from past wedding clients wanting us to take family photos. Back in June, we started taking family photos again, but with a twist. This time around, we’d not only celebrate the family through photos, but we’d also allocate a portion of the session to photographing and celebrating the husband and wife and their relationship. And we have enjoyed every opportunity!

When Ravi and Jessica contacted us to take some family photos, we were thrilled. We photographed their wedding back in 2011 so they just celebrated their two year anniversary this past September. And now they have an adorable little daughter named Arya. We had a blast catching up and celebrating their family through photos.

Ravi and Jessica, thank you for giving us another opportunity to document a special time of your life. Little Arya is just as cute and sweet as I imagined her to be. Congratulations on two years of marriage! And congratulations on becoming parents! We are so happy for you both. Cheers to many, many more years of love and laughter in your marriage and your family!

Come back tomorrow to hear how these two met and read what they’ve learned after two years of marriage and becoming parents.

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