Putting Things Off

I’m just going to come out and say it. There is something that your relationship needs that you keep putting off.

We know because we’ve done the same thing. Vitaliy and I have gone without drapes on our bedroom windows for more than five weeks now. We got rid of our old ones with every intention to replace them the same weekend, but never found what we were looking for. Then week after week, we kept saying, we’ll get to it…next week.

I’m sure you can infer that our love life started to pay the price for our neglect. With no window shades and a popular play area for our neighbors’ kids right outside our windows, we were very limited on when we could have fun in the bedroom. Like how I worded that? Just trying to keep it real, yet classy.

Moving on, this past week we were determined to fix the problem. As you all might know, if you neglect your love life in marriage, things will quickly start to go downhill fast. Desperate times, cause for desperate measures. We designated date night last week to finding drapes for our windows. And we were determined not to return home without them. Three Target stores later, we arrived home around 10pm with drapes in hand.

We slept that night with our windows covered in a cocoon of privacy, peace and love. Get your mind out of the gutter people! You’re missing the moral of the story.

Do not put off until next week what your relationship desperately needs today. It’s possible it’s something more substantial than window drapes, but that is what our relationship needed. You know what it is. Designate this week’s date night to working on that area. Date nights can be all about having fun, but most of all, they should be spent investing in your relationship. And if you don’t have a regularly set date night, then go ahead and start there.

This is us on our anniversary weekend trip back in August. Happy as clam be! But in order to keep it that way, it requires work.