Our Secondary Role: Portrait Photographer

I can’t tell you the amount of couples I’ve talked to that haven’t been photographed since their wedding day. But this is what seems to happen. We do everything we can to impress one another while we’re dating. Then we get engaged and the euphoria glides us right into a state of wedded bliss. And then, feeling that we’ve arrived, our relationship can end up sitting like a stagnant puddle.

Whether you’re dating, engaged or married – relationships need to be nurtured. And love deserves to be celebrated!

Our portrait sessions are exclusively for couples, at any stage in their relationship, to do just that – take some time away from the everyday and celebrate their love through photos. We like to call it a photo date.

You can see Dan and Sara’s full gallery of images on our website here. But I’ll be doing a separate blog post on this cute couple in the coming weeks.