Our Life. In Focus.

At the beginning of this week, Vitaliy and I officially completed the 30 Day Vlog Challenge.

It was definitely a crash course in video making. But even more so, it tested our relationship. Our insecurities were exposed and our perseverance tried. But we did it! I am happy that we worked through the difficulties together and stuck to our commitment. “Together” being the key word. There is something so beautiful about struggling through something, refusing to give up no matter difficulty, and coming through to the other side. Don’t you think?

I hope the videos encouraged at least one couple out there. We had an incredible time laughing, crying and fighting our way through them.

This weekend we are celebrating Cinco de Mayo with friends. Not that I need an excuse to eat Mexican! And we are also hoping to find some good treasures at the Alameda Antique Fair.