Off To Grandma’s House

Cherry blossoms laughter

I often doubt my abilities of being a good friend, but these two women are teaching me how it’s done.

I first met Monika online during a 30 day vlog challenge that I try to forget every happened. Though it was a humiliating 30 days it did teach me a lot. And more importantly, it introduced me to Monika and I couldn’t be more thankful to now call her my friend. Monika then introduced me to Yuliya who it turned out goes to the same church as Vitaliy’s cousins where I had previously met her sister years earlier. It really is a small world we live in.

We took our relationship off the computer and into real life when we teamed up to go through Jasmine Star’s ReStart CreativeLive Workshop. Not only did our businesses grow as a result, but so did our friendship. Sadly, we don’t live close by each other so we try to plan 2 day retreats once a quarter to get together for serious girl time and business inspiration. It’s amazing how seamlessly these two can go together when like-minded creatives get together.

Monika and Yuliya, thank you for calling me your friend. I am grateful for every love note, text message, and prayer. I thank God for bringing Picmoya together! I love to laugh with you, dream with you, and eat with you. I cannot wait to see what God does in our lives and businesses this year. Thank you for your constant support! You bring me joy. xo Candace

Our most recent getaway took place in Dinuba, CA at Monika’s grandma’s house. There is nothing quite like going to grandma’s house even if it’s not your own grandma. It’s still the best!