My Secret
Love Affair

Words keep me up at night. They run through my mind. No, actually, they race! Sometimes so fast I can’t keep up. I’ve learned the only way to catch them is to get up and write them down. And it’s frustrating! Why can’t they come out and play during the day? When I have the energy to figure out what I want to say.

But I love words. I love to figure out how to put them together. Sometimes I read a sentence and the words are strung in such a way. So sexy and fun. They roll just perfectly off the tongue.

But sometimes words taunt me. The same story is told in my head three different ways. I don’t know which one to choose. Which one to put down to paper. The paper feels so permanent. And that is worse than taunting, it’s haunting. What if I get it wrong?

I might use the wrong word. I might punctuate incorrectly. I might sound dumb. Or prideful. What will people think? The fear of people….no wait! What was that thought? How did I want to say that?

And out the window it blows. That great idea that could have flowed. Into this world…where it needed to go.

Candace wearing a fascinator