Greg & Seena
Multicultural Wedding

Greg and Seena’s love story is the kind movies are made of.

The two were both working in San Francisco and repeatedly found themselves riding the same Caltrain car into the city. They often swapped glances, but Seena was always surrounded by friends or other riders. Greg realized he was going to have to get creative if he wanted to talk to her.

As they were boarding the train one day, Greg used his years of playing Tetris to devise a way for the two of them to sit together. He quickly calculated the seating arrangements of the other passengers and figured out exactly where he needed to sit in order for Seena to be forced to choose the seat across from him. His calculations were spot on! Now he just needed to find the courage to say hello.

Shortly after taking their seats, Greg received a text from a friend informing him that Fidel Castro had given up power in Cuba after 50 years. That was it – the perfect way to break the ice. He looked at the mystery girl and said, “Wow, Fidel Castro just surrendered power.” She said, wow. They didn’t speak for another 2 weeks.

Then one day he found her sitting alone so he sat across the aisle from her. This time he used the books they were reading as a conversation starter. She laughed and they started talking and by the end of the week he had confirmed their first date. Courage, calculation and persistence paid off! Seena quickly went from the Caltrain mystery girl to the familiar leading lady of Greg’s life.

The two were married last August at the Willow Heights Mansion in Morgan Hill. The rolling California hills painted the backdrop as they promised their lives to one another under the warm summer sun. It was picture perfect just like their love story.

Greg and Seena – I’m so happy to share your sweet story and wedding photos today. Thank you again for inviting us to play the special role as your photographers. Your day was filled with so much joy and beauty. It’s so fun to look back on the all the memories. Vitaliy and I wish you a marriage filled with love and laughter!

Multicultural wedding, black and white photo of the bride and groomPortrait of bride and groom. Wedding photography by PictilioPortrait of the groom.Bride's bouquet of pastel colors.Groom kissing bride's hand.Portrait of bride and groom in front of Willow Heights Mansion. Multicaultural wedding. Bride is wearing sari.Bride and groom walking down the aisle.Portrait of the brideBride's gown hanging on the hangerMulticultural wedding - bride wearing sari and jewelry holding groom's hand.View of the ceremony at Willow Heights Mansion Cake detailPhoto of bride and groomBride and groom kissing. Multicultural weddingBlack and white photo of first danceBride and groom walking. Multicultural wedding.