Matt + Stacy

Everyone has a case of falling in love in grade school during recess. You spot him from across the field and hope you get picked to be on his team for kick ball. And if you’re the boy doing the eyeing, you try to think of a way to start a round of tag just so you can have a reason to chase her. Am I right?

Well, Stacy and Matt didn’t exactly meet on the playground in elementary school, but they did meet on what I would consider the playground for Maritime Academy students – a ship out at sea. Being student leaders finally paid off as it’s what brought the two of them together. But the more time they spent with one another, they soon realized their friendship had become more. And before they knew it, they were engaged and ready to hit the crazy waters of life, but this time as husband and wife.

Matt and Stacy, your wedding was such a great way to start the new year. To have that much sunshine in the middle of winter was just an indicator of the kind of warmth the two of you bring to the world. We wish you a lifetime of love and laughter, but knowing the two of you that won’t be hard. Congratulations!

~V + C

Bride and groom walking hand in hand with a vintage black car in the backgroundWedding dress hanging on the bed inside Jefferson Street Mansion in Benicia, CABridesmaids and groomsmen with the bride and groom on the lawn of Jefferson Street Mansion.Wedding at the Jefferson Street Mansion in Benicia, Bride and groom portrait.Groomsmen in the Napoleon Room inside the Jefferson Street Mansion in Benicia, CaliforniaGroom whispering in bride's ear. Black and white photo.Bride and groom kissing with vintage car behind themBride and groom dancing at the reception. Black and white photo.Bride with her sisters. Formals. Beautiful sunset in the background.