In Focus

Relationship advice from married couples

Justin and Kelly have been married for almost 4 years and they now have a daughter as a result of their sweet love. Below is my interview with them both. By the way, I absolutely love their date ideas at the end. Hope you enjoy!

Q. How many years have you been married? When is your anniversary?

A. It will be four years come August 8th.

Q. How did the two of you meet?

A. The very, very first time we met was at Rock Lobster (a bar) in Indianapolis. We had a mutual friend who invited both of us out that night. We were both dating other people, so we didn’t start dating each other until about a year later, even though we both liked each other. Unfortunately, our mutual friend told Kelly that I would never be interested in her (which obviously was not true). That kept us from pursuing each other even longer.

The first time we ever hung out and got to really know each other was at the Def Leopard/Journey concert in Indianapolis. After that, I went away to the Secret Service training academy. We wouldn’t go on our first official date until I got back.

Q. What is one thing you wish you would have known before you got married? Possibly something you learned the first few years of marriage that could help another couple out.

A. Don’t sweat the small stuff! We both have things that annoy the crap out of each other. At first, we spent too much time pointing out those “problems” and making a big deal about them. Eventually we learned that neither of us is perfect and that we are definitely going to have things that annoy each other. Unless it’s something big, we just deal with it!

Also, some good advice was given to us….”never go to bed angry with each other”

Q. What’s been a favorite date of yours whether while you were dating or now that you’re married with children?

A. Kelly: Justin surprised me on Christmas Eve last year (I was super pregnant & due any day), with a nice night in the city. We had dinner at Tadich Grill, took a ride on a street car trolley looking at Christmas lights (I had not done this yet after living in the area for over 6 years), attended midnight mass at St. Mary’s (this is the church we had our premarital counseling at), and then spent the night at the Fairmont. He then surprised me with my re-sized wedding band and engagement ring with a new engraving. It was our last night out on the town before Lilly arrived so it was an extra special evening, our last Christmas that would be just the two of us.

A. Justin: we went on a weekend getaway down to Hearst Castle for one night. It was great road tripping, stopping at all the beaches along the way. We had a great tour of the castle and then a great dinner in Cambria. The next day we took our time getting back to the Bay Area, stopping in Carmel along the way.