Make Marriage Happen with Lara Casey – Part 3

To round out our week with Lara Casey, I asked her to share one of her favorite date ideas with us.

We believe there is a strong case for date nights and that each one is like making an investment in your marriage. If you need some inspiration, you can check out our date night feed here. And as new parents who have to be much more creative about date night, we are always welcome to new ideas. Thanks for sharing, Lara!

With a busy toddler, date nights are pretty low-key. We love going to Whole Foods for dinner as a family or getting a babysitter and going by ourselves. The simple act of getting to talk together, face-to-face, is a gift. For us, date nights used to be fancy dinners, and now we relish the gift of time more than anything. No matter where we go, just getting time together allows us to re-connect and grow as a couple.

Lara truly has been such a wealth of wisdom in my life. Her blog, book, conference, and powersheets have really helped Vitaliy and I live with more intent and purpose, making the important things happen in our lives. Every time we fill out our powersheets, those are the months that are lived with clarity, peace, and purpose. If you are struggling to make your goals happen in life, business or marriage  – please go visit Lara’s website, buy her book, and start your first set of powersheets. You will not regret it! You can read more about our experience using them, here.

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Photo by Lauren Kinsey

Lara, Ari and Grace