Make Marriage Happen With Kathryn Duckett –
Part 3


To end this series with Kathryn, I asked her to share one of her favorite date ideas with us.

We believe there is a strong case for date nights and that each one is like making an investment in your marriage. If you need some inspiration, you can check out our date night feed here. And as new parents who have to be much more creative about date night, we are always welcome to new ideas. Thank you, Kathryn! I love your ideas and tips!

One of our favorite dates is exploring fun and quirky restaurants. Thomas and I love trying new dishes, simply being together, and taking time away to talk.

Make a Foodie Bucket List

We would forever be going to the same place if it weren’t for our foodie bucket list. Every time we hear about a good place or drive by a restaurant that looks interesting, we add it to a list in the reminders app on the iPhone. Then, we check it off once we go. It’s nice to be able to look back at all the fun places we’ve gone over a few years too!

Take Time Out from Tech

The best nights we have are when I “accidently” leave my phone at home or I purposefully stash it in the glove box before we head in. Since I’m connected to email or social media or staring at a screen all day for work, sometimes I have a hard time unplugging and being present with my husband over dinner. This helps me remember the workday is over and it’s ok to leave it there.

Spread Joy and Say Thanks

Thomas is from Oklahoma (The friendliest state ever he tells me!) so he is always chatting with our waitstaff. I love that he’s shown me that something as simple as a genuine compliment given to the server, or making a point to stop and tell the manager how great our experience was can add so much joy to the night — not just for the folks working a long shift, but really for us too!

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