Macaroon Madness

A few months back I announced on Facebook that I had never had a French macaroon. I was ridiculed for my confession and soon realized I needed to rectify the situation. Like immediately.

After much deliberation with friends, I found out that I needed to be very selective about where I go for my very first macaroon. I took everyone’s recommendations and then continued my research on Yelp. I did discover the best spots were in San Francisco, but in order to avoid the commute, we opted for a more local bakery that did not disappoint, Pamplemousse Patisserie et Café.

This was one sweet date night! I have to admit – I was a skeptic at first. Let’s face it, I’m a chocolate chip cookie kind of girl. But after biting into that macaroon, it was like love at first bite.

So the moral of the story is this – if you’re in need of a date night idea – find a local bakery and enjoy some macaroons. But even better, think of something that you’ve never had and go try it together. It could end up being one sweet adventure!

Macaroons from Pamplemousse Patisserie et Cafe in Redwood City, CADate night at Pamplemousse Patisserie et Cafe in Redwood City, CAHalf eaten macaroons with bite marks