Love Note Journal

Sorry for the little hiatus. Vitaliy and I were feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to keep up with blogging in the midst of our vlogging challenge. We’ve officially made it half way through the challenge and are starting to feel a bit more grounded. For those of you tuning in on Facebook, what have you thought about the videos? We’re definitely considering adding videos to the blog and even have some ideas, but we’d love to hear your thoughts.

So this week, we are going to be talking all about love notes. I don’t know a man or woman that doesn’t love receiving a hand written note from someone they love. Before Vitaliy and I were married, we had a few turns at dating long-distance. They were trying times, but the letters in the mail sure made it all worth the heartache.

Now that we’re married, I will say that we no longer write novels to one another. But there is still something special about putting my thoughts and feelings down on paper for him to keep. Hopefully, by the end of this week you’ll have a few new ideas to get you started.

Today’s idea comes from former wedding clients, now turned close friends. Matt and Claire gave us all kinds of goodies for our five year anniversary, but there was one gift that stood out amongst the rest. It was just a notebook, but it had a very special purpose. Here’s how it works. I just love this idea!

It’s basically a collection of love notes from Vitaliy and I to each other. When one of us feels prompted to write the other, we take out the notebook, write our note, and then leave the book somewhere for the other person to be surprised when they find it. Then that person passes it back when they have something to share. It could be words of encouragement, words of love, or even words of apology. I can’t imagine getting to read through this notebook in later years. And what a gift it will be to our children and grand-children one day.

Thank you Matt and Claire for this ingenious idea! It has truly been a gift to us and now we hope it will be a gift to someone out there reading right now.