Let Your Love Soar

I watched as the trees swayed outside my window. The sun shone brightly and beckoned me to come out and play. Unfortunately, I was stuck at my computer. Yesterday would have been the perfect day for kite flying.

I’m not one to give up though. Thankfully, the Bay Area is a perfect spot to fly kites so I know my opportunity will return. And when it does I will grab Vitaliy by the hand and convince him to get tangled up with me…in the kites, of course!

Thanks to Tim and Christine for this awesome date idea! You can find my write up and more pictures of it in the latest issue of Styled. If you want to get creative and need inspiration, this magazine is for you. And it’s free – so be sure to use and share! We are honored and thankful to be a contributor for it. Enjoy!

A couple kissing while flying kites in San Francisco, CA