Piggy Bank

I was talking to a close friend recently who has been married for over 17 years. We were discussing the importance of date nights. With her many years of experience, I wanted to get her opinion. Did I mention she also has four children? This is how she explained it to me.

Date nights are like making investments. Every time you spend, just the two of you, it’s like putting change in your piggy bank. It may not feel like much in the moment, but each investment will add up to be of great value for your relationship.

It’s true that some dates might have different values. For example, watching a movie will not have as much value as spending a weekend away together. But what’s most important is to consistently take time away from everything else to make that investment. In each other.

She told me that when her kids were pretty little, she and her husband were always exhausted. Sometimes they had no energy to do anything big, but they would lay in bed at night playing cards and laughing. It was a very small gesture, but it let the other person know that they were a priority.

So let me encourage you, no matter how much you feel you’re capable of giving, find something to invest. Each bit will add up. And who knows, you may find yourself wanting to give more. But most importantly, let each date be a statement to the other person that they are a priority in your life.


White Mason Ball jar half way filled up with change