I Moustache You
a Question

They called us into their bedroom for a family meeting. I didn’t recall many family meetings so I knew it must be serious. I sat on my parents’ bed. I now find that ironic seeing that a couple’s bed should be the cornerstone of love and intimacy. Theirs was the meeting place to announce they were getting a divorce.

Pain. I never knew what it was before this day. It hurt bad and sent me into a mess of emotions. Fear. Anger. Confusion. Sadness. Combined together and the result is a loud siren of pain that never seemed to subside.

Until one day. I met a man. His name is Jesus. He brought clarity to the mess of emotions and healed my beat up heart. And He took all that bloody pain and formed a new heart that beats a deep red passion. It’s scarlet red, fierce but pure.

And it beats to prevent the very thing that broke it in the first place. It beats for love. Not a superficial, Hollywood love that’s easy and makes you feel good. But for a love that endures.

This is the heartbeat of Pictilio.

So here is the question I moustache you, do you have the same heartbeat? Does your heart long for a love that endures?

Vitaliy and I are determined to keep our love alive. One date night at a time. Is it possible to stop the pain for the next generation? Is it possible to have marriages that flourish? That’s my hope. Vitaliy and I are going for it!

Will you join us?


And most importantly, will you invite a friend? If so, please share. We can’t do it alone.

Photo credit: iDropPhoto