Hello from Ukraine!

I am writing to you today from Kiev, Ukraine! We arrived home from Palm Springs in the wee ours of Friday morning and left Sunday afternoon to Ukraine. It was a whirlwind weekend, but we are so happy to finally be here.

The last time I was here was 8 years ago. I came to Ukraine to support Vitaliy which I wrote about here. Obviously, a lot of things have changed since then.

Like Vitaliy now has a mustache!

Okay, okay…obviously that isn’t the most monumental change that has occurred, but it is crazy to think of life then compared to life now. We were only 21 years old at that time and had been dating less than a year.

Though my initial trip was a difficult one, I am so grateful as I think back on it. I am thankful to see God’s faithfulness over the years. And Vitaliy and I are eager to make new memories in his home country.

We hope to share more photos of our trip, but since we haven’t done much besides eat and sleep since we’ve arrived, here is the view from our sister’s apartment in Kiev.

Are you planning any trips for the summer? Do tell!

Apartment buildings in Kiev