A Good First Date

Welcome to Pictilio! I’m so tempted to skip the introduction and tell you everything, but that would not make for a good first date. I’m hoping we’re going to have a long future together so let’s take things slow. Here is what I will tell you.

After three years in business, photographing anything and everything, we discovered that we were most passionate about photographing two people in love. As U2 would say, “that mysterious distance between a man and a woman.” It’s a beautiful thing! But we want to not only document it, we want to celebrate it and, we hope, encourage it.

I will end with this.

Vitaliy and I fell in love on the blistery cold streets of downtown Chicago back in 2004. In August of 2011, we celebrated our 5-year wedding anniversary. We are on a mission to not only stay committed to one another, but to stay in love. This blog is dedicated to that mission. We hope it will keep our relationship accountable and we hope it will inspire yours.

The following video inspired me this week. It reminded me of a time when I used to sing with Vitaliy while he played the guitar. I think it’s time we dust ours off. If nothing else, I hope it romances you enough to go kiss the one you love.