From St. Louis


I’m writing today from St. Louis Bread Co., also known as Panera. But being a St. Louis native and since I’m in town, I much prefer the original name.

We got into town late last night and somehow I’m jetlagged even though the time difference is only two hours. Not to mention, I literally melted on my way to the cafe. I was expecting beautiful fall weather. But instead, it seems that summer is lingering in all it’s humid glory.

I’m going to make this quick because I’ve got a date with my dad in a few minutes. Here are a few random thoughts my mind has been churning over.

Friendship. On Saturday, we had a little party to celebrate Vitaliy. Everyone shared a few thoughts about the V-man and then we all toasted him with a little Honey Pepper Ukrainian Vodka. I was so thankful for every person there and for all the kind things they had to say about my husband. I also enjoyed watching everyone’s reaction to the spicy vodka.

Nostalgia. I walked into my grandpa’s house last night and it smelled the exact same way it smelled when I was five years old. Memories began to flood my thoughts and I fell asleep with my grandmother on my mind. I miss her.

TV shows. Vitaliy does this to me. He convinces to me start a new TV show with him even though I am completely satisfied with our current line up. Suits being on the top of that list! But I always give in and then become obsessed. For example, I currently want to watch House of Cards every free moment I find. But what kills me is that Vitaliy could care less when we watch the next episode. He leads me on, I get hooked, and then I’m all alone struggling with my addiction.

Cardinals. I’m back in my hometown of St. Louis and everyone has on Cardinals gear. I can’t wait to get some new Cardinals garb and come back to San Francisco to flaunt it. Go Cards!

Ok, I better run! I see some toasted ravioli’s in my near future. If you’re from St. Louis then you know exactly what I’m talking about. And if you’re not from St. Louis, your life is not complete until you have your first toasted ravioli.

Enjoy the “crazy” photo from our party on Saturday.