Napa Photo Date

This past weekend while at the Beazley House in Napa, we met the lovely Frank and Laura.

While chatting over wine in the lobby, we put off dinner in order to continue laughing with these two. You never know who you’ll meet at a bed and breakfast, and sometimes you just might end up pleasantly surprised.

Frank and Laura were celebrating their 2 year wedding anniversary. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate their love through photos. Here’s a peek into their story.

Laura was studying abroad in Italy when she needed to finalize her class schedule. With only a few credits left, her counselor placed her in a life-guarding class. Being a swimmer, Laura was expected to glide right through the semester. This class would soon be worth far more than the few credits it earned her. Frank was signed up for the very same class.

I assumed the story would progress with Frank finding a way to play the hero and save the damsel in distress, played by Laura. But sadly, there would be no “mouth to mouth resuscitation” on the side of the pool for these two.

Though Frank did have his eye on Laura, they never actually connected during class. Running into each other at a party, Frank finally found the courage to approach “the pretty girl from life-guarding class.” The semester abroad must have given Laura a thing for Italians because Frank is definitely a true Italian, tall, dark and handsome. These two have been swimming in love ever since.

Frank and Laura – just like you “just so happened” to attend the same life-guarding class, we are happy we “just so happened” to stay at the same bed and breakfast. You were a sweet surprise to our anniversary weekend! Getting to celebrate your love only made us more excited about our own. Cheers to many, many more years of love and laughter! We are very much looking forward to reuniting on the East Coast. Love to you both!

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