Final Category: Relationships

It’s Friday! Woo-hoo! I won’t keep you long. I just want to introduce you to our last category for the blog: Relationships.

In my first post, I wrote, “We are on a mission to not only stay committed to one another, but to stay in love. This blog is dedicated to that mission. We hope it will keep our relationship accountable and we hope it will inspire yours.”

There is a world filled with people saying that if your relationship is difficult, it probably wasn’t meant to be. We want to say something different. We’d like to tell people that commitment isn’t old school. And that love isn’t easy, but it’s worth the fight.

Vitaliy and I aren’t claiming to be relationship experts. We simply want to share our lives in hopes that someone out there will resonate with it and join in the mission.

I’ll end with this. Vitaliy and I have had a rough week as husband and wife. For whatever reason, we’ve been bickering more than usual. That whole pizza story I told you about yesterday, we barely made it to the table to enjoy it. I guess there were too many cooks in the kitchen! Last night, I almost went to bed angry with him, which will inevitably result in me waking up unhappy too. But then I walked into the bathroom and found this waiting for me.

It was a small gesture. An “I’m sorry” written with toothpaste. It wasn’t very evident but I got the message and readily accepted.

Is it possible you missed a secret message recently? Or, perhaps you’re the one needing to leave one behind.