Andrea and Stewart just so happened to meet at work.

While their friendship blossomed, Stewart’s feelings began to change for Andrea. He longed to show her all that she deserved, to really be her knight in shining armor. He would soon have his chance to come riding in and swoop Andrea off her feet.

Finding out that the feelings were mutual, he took every chance to show Andrea what a true gentleman looks like. She was his lady and he was her man. He wouldn’t let another day to go by without her!

Thankfully, he wouldn’t have to – the two were essentially inseparable from that point forward. And their friends and family were just as excited about the union. They were simply meant to be “Andrea + Stewart.”

Andrea and Stewart, from the first email you ever sent us, we knew we were a perfect match for each other. You are both thoughtful, kind and a whole lot of fun. This engagement session only made us like you more. We cannot wait for your upcoming wedding this July. It is set to be fabulous! Congratulations again!

Stewart & Andrea standing in front of a large tree.Portrait of Andrea and StewartKiss on the foreheadDancingOn a pathwayCuddle timeHolding wedding date signBeautiful viewWalking in the field