Victor+Kristin: Engaged

Victor and Kristin were part of the same circle of friends for a couple of years. But after serving along side one another at church, Victor began to see his feelings for Kristin start to solidify. To him, she was beautiful inside and out.

They went on a casual lunch date, but by the end, Victor realized Kristin wasn’t quite getting the “date” part. Not one to be discouraged, he shared his feelings with Kristin and then again asked her out. This time on a real date. “Can I think about it?” she responded.

While most would expect a sense of rejection, Victor gladly accepted, “She didn’t say no so that was good enough for me.” After navigating her fears and her curiosity, Kristin accepted his invitation. It didn’t take long for her to finally see Victor as more than just a co-worker and friend. Her feelings for him were real. Much realer than their real first date.

Victor and Kristin, it’s easy to see just how in love the two of you are. And it’s even easier to see why. We had so much fun photographing the two of you that we felt the session was too short. We just wanted to keep hanging out! We are thrilled to be photographing your wedding this November simply because we’re excited at the opportunity to celebrate the two of you again.

Balck and white image of a girl leaning on her fiancee's shoulderEngagement session in North Beach. Guy twirling his fiance.A couple dancing on the street in North Beach, San Francisco, CAEngaged couple holding hands in North Beach neighborhood in San Francisco.Balck and white images of the couple hugging with San Francisco street lights in the background