Delivering Kisses

Deliver some kisses to your loved oneDeliver some kisses to your loved oneDeliver some kisses to your loved oneDeliver some kisses to your loved oneDeliver some kisses to your loved one

Yesterday I had the opportunity of sharing my life story with someone.

This is always a wonderful opportunity, but certain parts of the story can be difficult to articulate because they’re painful. But when I told it yesterday, I was surprised to find myself even more emotional when sharing stories about Vitaliy. Not painful ones, no. Stories of his faithfulness, his patience and his grace. The kind of stories that make me admire him and ask God how he came to be mine. Sometimes someone’s love can be so moving it can bring you to tears. That’s the way Vitaliy has loved me for the past 9 years we’ve been together. And how easy I forget.

It takes a conscious effort to stop and think, to choose to see, all that your spouse does for you. Whether it be big or small. Done in the open or humbly behind the scenes. Either way, let’s stop and acknowledge what they’ve done and what they’re doing. Express it verbally. Or perhaps write it down, make it permanent. Surprise them! Because they may not realize you’ve even noticed.

Here’s a little idea for Valentine’s Day, but to be honest, it’s meant to be done at any time of the year. Expressing our affection for those we love should be done spontaneously and consistently. But it’s fun to get creative and go all out sometimes too! So, here we go…

Deliver some kisses! Love notes to be included. Here are five possible ways to deliver, but feel free to plan your own.

  1. Send a bag of kisses to your husband while he’s away on a business trip. Or better yet, hide the bag in his suitcase!
  2. Leave a trail of kisses all around the house for him to find when he wakes up.
  3. Include a collection of kisses inside a Valentine’s Day card.
  4. Put a kiss here and there for him to find throughout the day. In his pocket, in the car, inside his laptop, etc.
  5. Mail an envelope of kisses to his office address to surprise him on a workday.

Gentleman, assuming you don’t want to put lipstick on and leave a kiss imprint, I’ve still got an idea for you. Replace the paper kisses above with Hershey’s kisses and attach or include a little love note with each. Every girl loves chocolate and a love note! And feel free to use any of the delivery ideas above.

Thanks to Kate from StyleSmaller for helping me bring this idea to life.