Date Night Idea:
Beer Tasting

Vitaliy and I often let our environment inspire date night ideas for us.

On a recent trip to Portland, we couldn’t help but notice the plethora of pubs, lounges, and tap rooms. We realized that if we truly wanted to experience Portland as a local, we needed to do a little beer tasting. And let me tell you, it definitely rivals wine tasting in my book.

We started our tasting at Bailey’s Tap Room. We opted for the smaller glasses so that we could taste in moderation. I loved the big windows at Bailey’s, which gave us street side views of the city while we sipped and savored our drinks. They had board games to enjoy which always keeps a date night fun. And here’s our little tip, bring along your own bar snacks just in case. We had some left over roasted peanuts from our road trip that I grabbed from the car. They were the perfect complement to our brew!

Though we enjoyed Bailey’s, Deschutes Brewery took home the Best Beer award for the night. Our waiter suggested we try the Red Chair, stating that it was the best beer in the world. In the world? We were intrigued by such a statement and after just one taste we could see why. It was fantastic! I paired it with a pretzel with cheese and Vitaliy got a sausage link with sauerkraut. But unlike the beer at Bailey’s, we could have drank the Red Chair without any accompanied snacks. It was that good!

Here are a few other date ideas inspired by Portland:

Enjoy a bike ride downtown.
Try out a hipster hotel.
Visit your city’s famous food joint.

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