Date Idea: Relive Your Favorite Trip

Relive your favorite trip - Manhattan

I kept daydreaming about our trip to New York City. I just wanted to snap my fingers and be back on the busy and bustling streets of the big city.

I could sense that maze of buildings surrounding me and I could taste all the foods I fell in love with. The energy in New York is inspiring. At least for a few days. I’m not sure how I would feel if I lived there. But I wanted to go back. I should correct that, I want to go back. Even now. Today seems like an absolutely perfect day to fly to New York. Unfortunately, reason works against that idea. Perhaps we’ll book a wedding there, that would be an awesome reason to go back.

Until that happens, Vitaliy and I decided to get creative and bring New York to us. For a recent date night at home, we decided to watch the movie Manhattan while enjoying one of our favorite smoothies we discovered at Siggy’s Good Food in Brooklyn. We actually arrived at Siggy’s after missing our stop and ending up in Dumbo. It was the best mistake we made on our trip.

With only knowledge of the ingredients, we played around with measurements until we felt we had a good match with the flavor and consistency of our favorite smoothie from Siggy’s. It was so much fun trying to recreate it! We got a taste and enjoyed the sights of New York if only for a night. But it was a perfect way to commemorate and relive one of our favorite trips. All within the comforts of our own home.

I’ve got some ideas for recreating another trip at home. Do you? I would love to hear them!