Play in the Snow

Now that we’re all starting to adjust, I think it’s safe to say that we’re excited about the time change.

Growing up in the Midwest, “springing forward” always meant warm weather was around the corner. The longer days only added to the excitement. But without fail, there was always one more winter storm that would blow into town and remind us that it was still March. And still winter.

If you find yourself in that last dreaded winter storm, here’s a little date idea to help you make the most of it. Soon enough you’ll be in flip flops and splashing in a pool, but until then, enjoy what little winter you have left. I can just hear my mom now – this coming from the girl who lives in California where the average temperature is 60 degrees. I get it!

But nonetheless, if snow arrived on my doorstep today, I’d grab Vitaliy and go outside for a good ol’ fashioned snow ball fight. I suggest you do the same. It just might be your last chance of the season.

Couple playing in the snowGuy wearing a black coat making a snowball. Editorial photographySnowball fight - romantic date ideaEngagement photography. Couple laughing and throwing snow above their headsPlay in the snow date ideaThrowing snowball toward the camera. Editorial photographyCute girl wearing a red coat in the snow making a snowball. Editorial engagement photographyGirl throwing snowball at a guy. Fun date idea for winter and snow.