Date Idea: Find The Best Burger

I’m sharing this idea a little prematurely because it’s that good and I want you to enjoy it right away. And I don’t just mean tasty good, although it is that too!

Vitaliy and I recently shared our Summer Bucket List. On there, we said we wanted to find the best burger in San Francisco. Well, we’ve actually been using our date nights as part of our search and they have been some of the best dates since having Rose. Don’t get me wrong, our other dates have been great and reflective and absolutely necessary. But these dates have turned out spontaneous, adventurous, and a ton of fun. And when you are being stretched and often feel exhausted, sometimes fun is exactly what you may need to get through a difficult week and stay connected.

We took a poll on Facebook asking our local friends for their “best burger” suggestions. We tallied those in, with a few we wanted to try, and just started pulling from the list when we had a burger craving and a babysitter on hand. During our first taste test, we drafted the categories we believe every burger should be tested for and now we scribble down our rankings as we munch. I’ll share all of these yummy details and more once we have officially selected The Best Burger in San Francisco. But until then, let me share 5 reasons this is the perfect date idea for couples.

  1. You discover something you have in common. For us – burgers! Surprisingly enough, for some couples finding something in common can prove challenging. This takes the hard part out of the equation each week.
  2. Life can be exhausting, especially as new parents so one less meal to think about and prep is a win-win in our book.
  3. Deciding on a restaurant together can leave some couples in a disagreement before the date has even started. Knowing that you’re both going to be ordering the same dish will keep you on the same page when deciding on a restaurant.
  4. Finding new topics to talk about, outside of our responsibilities, can sometimes be difficult. This gives us a new topic to chat about right away. We’re sharing our critiques, taking down notes, and getting to know each other more in the process.
  5. Speaking of conversation, if you’re going through a difficult time as a couple, you might be avoiding date night because every conversation ends in an argument. You are, as they say, in between a rock and a hard place. You desperately need time together but it always ends badly. This idea allows you to connect while avoiding those touchy topics you might need a break from. A little fun and mutual connection might help put you back on solid ground to re-engage the difficult subjects the following day.

The best part about this idea is that it’s interchangeable to fit your passions. We happen to have a love for burgers. But you can fill in the blank to suit you and your city, “Find The Best ____________ in ____________.” Find the best pizza in New York City. Find the best tacos in L.A. You get the point! After burgers, I’m requesting we find the best chocolate chips cookies in San Francisco. I’ll start taking suggestions now.

Hope this gives you a new spin on date night! Enjoy!

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