Date Idea:
A Simple Sunrise

Vitaliy and I used to walk the streets of Chicago in the dead of winter. I’d get back to my door room and I’d find my skin blistered from the downtown winds. But it was all worth it as long as I could spend a few more minutes by his side.

I recently pondered these memories and wondered would I still do the same thing today. I found that the answer was no. I had traded in my spontaneity for comfort. My creativity was put on the shelf and replaced with practicality. Something needed to change. It was me.

I saw a window of opportunity and decided to make the most of it. I wanted to give Vitaliy a date that required me to invest or sacrifice something. I didn’t just want to simply show up. He’s always wanted to watch the sunrise while I’ve always cringed at the idea of waking up early. So that’s precisely what we did.

My two cents for making this date a success:

→ Ladies, wear multiple layers, bring blankets, and a hot beverage.

→ Pick a day that allows for an afternoon nap.

→ Bring along something yummy for breakfast.

→ Have some books or a game on hand to enjoy once the sun is up.

→ Talk, cuddle, kiss – whatever your relationship is missing. Ours was prayer.

girl pouring tea out of a thermos into her husbands cup
sunrise over the Crystal Springs Reservoir in California

stack of books