Dancing Through
Ugly Times

Old black and white photograph cut out from the newspaper of a couple dancing in an alley.

I clipped this photo from a newspaper article back in 2006 or 2007.

It immediately became a source of encouragement for me. I pinned it up in my office cubicle and used it as a constant reminder to find ways of dancing through some of life’s ugliest times. The situation we were in was filled with confusion, pain and grief. And I knew our circumstances would not soon be changing. We had a long dark road ahead of us and I knew there was only one direction to travel and that was straight through. No shortcuts and no detours. But I just couldn’t see myself waiting until we reached the other side to find some kind of joy in my life. Discovering this picture was a reminder from God that I could find joy, even dance, despite how bleak things looked around me. If only I had eyes to see and a heart willing to dance.

I thought about dissecting the photo with you, but decided against it. That’s the beauty of a photograph, of art, is that it can speak to each person uniquely. So, I hope you look it over as a whole, then piece by piece. And I hope it speaks to you as much as it did to me, both personally and for your marriage as well.

Let’s all seek joy today, regardless of our circumstances…we may even find ourselves dancing in it if we try.

Photo by Louise Oligny