Dan + Sara

With 7 years of marriage under their belt, Dan and Sara decided to celebrate with a photo date.

They got all prettied up for each other and we photographed them in a few locations around San Francisco that meant the most to them. They reminisced old memories, while making new ones. And here are the sweet moments we captured of the two of them.

Dan and Sara, we wish you many, many more years of love and laughter as husband and wife. Well, love and laughter…and lots of kisses too! xoxo V&C

To see more photos and read their love story, we’ve featured Dan and Sara on our portfolio page.

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Couple snuggled up on the loading dock. He is wearing a buttoned up shirt with a tie and she is wearing a dress and brown leather bootsWoman leaning on her husband's shoulder.Couple sitting at a coffee shop drinking coffee in San Francisco, California.Couple doing an eskimo kiss on the street in San Francisco.Couple walking down the hill in San Francisco with a green VW bug in the foreground.