Coffee Date:
Make Your Move

When Vitaliy and I were in college, he took me to the cutest little coffee shop in Chicago. I understand that going to a coffee shop in college is pretty typical, but this coffee shop was not. It was so unique that we paid a visit while visiting Chicago this past fall. And it’s also the inspiration for a date idea I wrote for the latest issue of Styled (02.02.2012).

With the start of the new year comes the realization that we are deep in winter’s abyss. With frigid temperatures and possibly snow-covered grounds, we find our comfort staying indoors and sipping on our favorite warm beverages. The coffee shop being the best of both worlds.

With the ease a coffee shop presents, I find it can usually be far too predictable. A good date has at least a touch of spontaneity or unpredictability. This date idea was inspired by one of our favorite coffee shops in Chicago that offers an array of game choices to add a little personality to your coffee visit.

Surprise your date at your next coffee rendezvous with a favorite board game. If it’s a first date, you will calm nerves and abate the inevitable awkward moments. And if it’s your 89th date, you’ll likely add some much needed laughter and friendly competition to what could have been an ordinary evening.

Scrabble board game on the coffee table. View from above (top).Tea mugs on top of Scrabble game