Featured: Traditional Wedding Celebration in San Francisco

Collage of Greek Wedding we photographed in San Francisco

I still remember some of the first emails I shared with Nicole.

Have you ever photographed a Greek wedding?
No, actually, I haven’t.
Have you ever seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding?
Yes, I loved it!
Ok, it’ll be a lot like that.

It was all that and more! Nicole and Anthony were all that and more! They are dream clients. The kind that turn from clients to friends. The ones you can share pancakes with long after the wedding is over. I am so thrilled to see their wedding featured on Borrowed & Blue today.

See the full post here: Traditional Celebration in San Francisco

If you are planning your own wedding, be sure not to miss these details. They are some of my favorite of all time!

Table numbers. Each table number showcased a photo of Nicole and Anthony with their corresponding age. For example, Table #10 displays photos of them at age 10. I’ve never seen this done before and such a sweet idea.

Trolly car. You can’t have a traditional San Francisco wedding without renting a trolley car to shuttle you between locations.

Doggie details. Don’t miss the little bow-tie detailing on their dog Bernard. He came dressed to impress.

Olive You. As a thank you, Nicole and Anthony gave each of their guests individual petite bottles of olive oil that read “Olive You!” which was grown and produced by Anthony’s family in Greece.

Flash Mob. And last, but certainly not least, the last photo in the feature is of the Flash Mob their friends and family performed during their reception. It was a moment I will never forget!

If you’d like to see more from Nicole and Anthony’s wedding celebration in San Francisco, here is their Borrowed & Blue feature, their wedding post on our blog, and their engagement session we shared.

Ruby Hill Golf Club Wedding
Jared & Janice

I know there are Wayback Wednesdays and Throwback Thursdays, but isn’t there something for Tuesdays…TakeMeBack Tuesdays?

Because I’d love to go back to Janice and Jared’s wedding. Everything about these two was marked by ease and that’s exactly what their wedding day felt like. Easy breezy. They were married at the beautiful Ruby Hill Golf Club. And remember how I mentioned having your ceremony and reception at the same location relieves stress? That’s exactly how it worked for Janice and Jared at Ruby Hill. They had a beautiful outdoor wedding just as the sun was setting, followed by the biggest dance party celebration afterwards. No matter the age of the wedding guest, every single person was on the dance floor that night! It was unforgettable.

Jared and Janice, let’s go back! Can we just do it all over again? Because you two were a joy to work with and we need more Janice and Jared in our lives. Thanks again for choosing us to be your wedding photographers. It was a joy! I hope you enjoy reminiscing your big day as much as we have preparing this post.

Many thanks to a great team for bringing this wedding to life…

Ceremony & Reception: Ruby Hill Golf Club

Suit: Black Lapel

Dress Shop: Bridal Image

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Hair & Makeup: Tammy Do

Cake: Gala Bakery

Flowers: Gingerleaf Floral

Paper Goods: Minted

DJ: Big Fun 

Photographers: Pictilio

Portrait of Bride and Groom. Ruby Hill Golf Club photographer.Close up photo of wedding ringsRomantic portrait of bride and groom at Ruby Hill Golf Club in PleasantonJimmy Choo Bello Glitter Wedge PumpsGold and pastel color schemeWedding Ceremony at Ruby Hill Golf Club wedding photographerOutdoor wedding ceremony at Ruby Hill Golf ClubGold letterpress wedding invitationPortrait of Bride and Groom underneath a large oak tree at Ruby Hill Golf ClubWedding photography by PictilioBlack and white photo of bride's dress and necklaceWedding cake with word Love as a cake topperRelaxed portrait of wedding party at Bridal party at Ruby Hill Golf ClubBride and groom portrait in front of Relaxed portrait of wedding party at Bridal party at Ruby Hill Golf ClubWedding reception at Ruby Hill Golf ClubWedding photography at Ruby Hill Golf Club. Bride and groom gently embrace

Frequently Asked Questions – Part 1

Candace and Vitaliy at Work

We often get asked the same questions at client meetings so we thought it’d be fun to answer some of them here as a way to get to know us better and get a peek into how we work together.

Vitaliy and I are wired completely different which is why I think we work so well together. If we had similar gifts or passions, I think we might step on each others toes more. But thankfully, our talents compliment each other which is why I believe we make such a great team. Here’s a look into our business and our different roles.

What got you into photography in the first place?


My father was an amateur photographer. Growing up I always saw him in his darkroom developing and printing images. When my dad considered me old enough for the task, I became the designated family photographer – taking pictures on family vacations, road trips, etc. My interest in photography was reignited in college during a B&W film class, where I got to create images in the same fashion my Dad did during my childhood. For the first time I discovered the power of storytelling in a single photograph or a series of photographs. I was hooked. I never pictured starting a photography business, let a lone one with my wife. But when the time came it was clear that this is what we wanted to do together. So we took a risk, and here we are.


Vitaliy introduced me to photography. It actually started off in college. The first place he ever took me to was Borders on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago. We went straight to the photography section and he pulled books from his favorite photographers. Image by image, he interpenetrated the photographs and left me in awe of what he could see that at first glance I clearly didn’t. That was my introduction into photography, but after we were married, I always had a desire to work with him. So, we decided to combine our passions for photography and business and I’m so happy we did!

Do you have different responsibilities in the business?


I believe that our business benefits tremendously from how different Candace and I are wired. I love technology, problem solving and pushing the boundaries of creativity. I know that without both of our strengths contributing to each other, we wouldn’t have survived more than a couple of years in business. Without Candace challenging me in regards to organization, to-do-lists and letting go of perfectionism, I most likely would still be editing our first wedding.


We designated me as the Creative Director very early on in the business. I’m an idea manufacturer! Brainstorming sessions are my hobby. I like to use my passion for marketing to help promote my favorite photographer – Vitaliy. I also love to write but have no tech-savvyness whatsoever so I write, pick images for a post, then email the text to Vitaliy for him to publish a blog post.

What are your roles on the wedding day?


I am known as the Lead Photographer. Thanks to my Creative Director/Assistant and Second Shooter, I can focus primarily on observing and capturing the moments throughout the wedding day. Having Candace by my side is extremely helpful to me since I do not need to worry about adjusting the bride’s dress/hair or help the groom with his boutonniere. This is a luxury that not all photographers have and I am very thankful to have this freedom.


Second Shooter/Creative Director/Assistant. As a second shooter, I look for ways to take images to enhance Vitaliy’s portfolio from the wedding day, adding a different perspective. As Creative Director, I make sure we stay on schedule with the timeline, coach our clients in front of the camera so they feel and look confident and comfortable, and I stay alert and troubleshoot in order to give our clients and their families the best wedding day experience ever. As Assistant, I see it as my responsibility to make sure Vitaliy has everything he needs to fulfill his role as Lead Photographer. This might be grabbing a lens, making sure he stays hydrated, or fluffing a dress.

What are you most excited about on the wedding day?


My favorite parts of the day are creating relaxed portraits of the bride and groom. This is the most exciting day of their lives and I get to witness the true happiness and love they experience. I make it my passion to get them free and comfortable in front of the camera. I hope that these portraits remind them of the love and commitment they felt in that moment so that they can cherish each other for the years to come.


My passion on a wedding day is serving my clients, their friends and their family. I like to challenge myself to find ways to serve our clients outside of our typical roles as photographers in order to minimize stress, calm nerves, or fix a potential snag in the day. A wedding day is unforgettable and I like to be a part of making sure those memories that are unforgettable are good ones.

Who does the post processing of your images look like?


Clean and timeless is the feeling I try to convey in my images during the post process. For many years I did all the color correction and minor exposure adjustments by myself. I simply could not find anyone who did a good enough job for me (can you tell me that I am a perfectionist?). Until RAW Digital. We have been partnering with them for a couple of years now and I am happy to say the way they handle the image processing is nearly identical to what I do. I believe that less is more, and that a good image is created in camera, not in Photoshop. Once we receive the images back from RAW, I do a quality control check before uploading the images to PASS and delivering them to our clients.


After a wedding day or photoshoot, I cull the images. We do this because, as a female, I can look for things that the bride might be more self-conscious about and can select images that portray her and everyone else in their best light. As Creative Director, I also select the images for the blog to make sure they’re branded and appealing to future brides.

Any other questions you’d like us to answer? Have any suggestions that would be helpful to answer for future brides and grooms? Please leave us a comment – we’d love to hear from you!

Thank you John for the photo!