Happy Birthday Vitaliy!

Vitaliy and I just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary a few weeks ago. August is always a big month for us.

I didn’t blog about the anniversary because I was too busy enjoying it. My time feels so sacred to me these days. I definitely feel more eager to be present then ever before. I wanted to be away from my phone, my computer and my sweet Rose so I could be fully present with Vitaliy and celebrate this milestone of ours. It was an amazing time!

I still remember the first time I met Vitaliy. There are still core aspects of that boy I met in the school cafeteria. He’s still as thoughtful as those early days, always going out of his way to care for me. But there are elements of him, possibly there all along, that I’m only now discovering. Or perhaps, he’s only recently developed. Things like his need for change, his master-chef skills, and his inability to do two things at once.

He is the most interesting person I know. I often feel like I fail at investing in my friendships because there’s nobody I like hanging out with more than him. I don’t just enjoy him, but I admire him. Anyone that can keep a girl like me happy and grateful every day is someone special.

Vitaliy, we are into our second decade together and there is never a dull moment in this life shared with you. Getting to celebrate another year of your life feels more like a celebration for Rose and I than you. We’re the ones blessed each day with you on this earth. Your dedication and service to this family truly makes me believe you’re super human. I say this every year, but I’m not really joking, I hope to be just like you when I grow up. Happy Birthday to my Ukrainian! I love you…MORE!


Another Big Announcement!

Another one!

I looked weathered. I joked that the bags underneath my eyes looked like they were packed for a European adventure.

I knew I was tired. Really tired. I could count on one hand how many times Rose had slept through the night her first year of life. But somewhere around 14/15 months, she finally started sleeping. But I was still tired.

I told Vitaliy, I just can’t seem to get myself together. I thought when she started sleeping through the night I’d finally start to feel like myself again. Albeit, a new version of myself. But I started to wonder if this was simply motherhood, a constant feeling of exhaustion and inadequacy.

It turns out, those are just symptoms of the first trimester in pregnancy.

My exhaustion and weathered appearance led Vitaliy to start predicting I was pregnant. I didn’t believe it until one afternoon while finishing up my Wild & Free book, I was moved to tears. And then I wanted to throw up. And the only other time I wanted to throw up while crying was when I was pregnant with Rose. I texted Vitaliy, go ahead and buy that pregnancy test.

Sure enough, we’re having another baby! Rose is going to be a big sister. And I’m going to stay tired for at least another year.

Baby Prokopets is due to arrive on January 7, which is actually Ukrainian Christmas according to the Orthodox calendar. So we’re hoping to continue with our holiday birthdays around here. We won’t know if we’re having a boy or girl until he or she arrives into this world so we look forward to one day introducing you to our son or daughter.

Thank you for all of your love and support! When we announced our first pregnancy, I wrote, “With this being our first child, there are so many unknowns. But there is one thing we are certain of, that we will be loved and supported by our friends and family every step of the way.” And we continue to be! There have been many days when fear has tried to settle in, but then I’m reminded of God’s faithfulness and the amazing community we have and then joy and excitement replace the fear. So thank YOU!

This birth announcement photo is an homage to the one we took for Rose, before we even knew she was Rose.