Make Marriage Happen with Lara Casey – Part 2

I’m so excited for this week with Lara Casey discussing marriage.

Yesterday, Lara gave us an introduction to her life, business and marriage. Today she’s sharing an honest lesson she’s learned that might be helpful to other couples just starting their marriages. Who knows, it could even be a reminder or a wake up call for a seasoned couple reading. No matter where you find yourself, we hope it encourages you to make your marriage happen!

I love getting a glimpse into other marriages and hearing what helps them press on together. So, thank you, Lara, for sharing what has been working for you and Ari!

This life is not about us and marriage is not about finding the perfect person to make you happy. There is such deeper fulfillment found in relying on God as our source of joy. We used to think that we had to work hard to make each other happy, and that led to so many arguments and both of us not feeling fulfilled. Now we know that the gift of marriage is to encourage each other to have a closer walk with the Lord — and that inherently makes us closer as a couple and brings immense joy! Whether it’s praying together or for each other, sending a text with encouragement during the work day, sharing scripture, reading a faith-building book together, or loving each other like God wants us to love, choosing to build each other up in faith is so much more satisfying than trying to create temporary happiness.

Photo by Gina Zeidler

Lara Casey Family

Make Marriage Happen with Lara Casey – Part 1

Lara, Ari and Grace

I think it’s true that we are stronger together, whether in marriage, through friendship, or even business. I think it rings true for all human relationships.

As I began to think about the future of this blog and my Make Marriage Happens series, I felt like I wanted to come along side others who have this same passion for marriage as I do. If we bring our voices together, surely our message will be heard louder. The first person I thought of was Lara Casey. She too has a business rooted in encouraging couples in the start of their marriages. With a baby on the way, an adoption in process, and a new book, I emailed her assuming she wouldn’t have the time to contribute. But as always, her generosity seems endless.

Lara, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing with our readers this week. I have no doubt that someone reading this will leave encouraged today. You are a constant inspiration in my life to make what matters happen. And your powersheets and conference have given me the tools to do the hard work of bringing dreams into realities. Congratulations on your new book and baby (possibly babies!) on the way. May God continue to bless you so you can continue to be such a blessing to others.

Without further ado, please meet Lara Casey, read an introduction to her life and business, and how she met her husband Ari. Then come back later this week to hear an honest lesson she learned in marriage and one of her favorite date night ideas.

I went to school for music theatre, was a personal trainer, and I am the Editor-in-Chief of Southern Weddings magazine where our mission is to encourage meaningful beginnings to married life.

I am also the founder of the Making Things Happen Conference, creator of the PowerSheets goal setting system, new author of Make It Happen, and grateful gardener. I know for sure that we were all created for a purpose. I used to feel lost and chased elusive perfection. It ran me into the ground. God is still working on me, but now I know that the things in this world aren’t “it”. To me, making “it” happen means choosing Him. There is endless freedom in that. And if I would have read all of this years ago I wouldn’t have believed it.

I met Ari eight years ago when I was a personal trainer and he was in my hometown of Pensacola, doing his Navy flight training. He came up to me in the gym and asked me for workout advice. We quickly fell in love and eloped to Vegas five months later! Our marriage was a mess in the early years. We were two ships passing, sleeping in separate beds, and chasing all the wrong things in life. Then God started to shake things up. You can read our whole story in my new book. Only God could have made the impossible changes happen in our lives. Our marriage was radically changed as we both began doing things God’s way. Our journey wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. Now we know that the impossible is possible with God. He can change anything.

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2014 Make Marriage Happen

Bride and groom with their Moms

Well, I am officially off maternity leave this week. Or perhaps it was last week, I’m unsure. The days turn into nights, and the weeks just seem to fly by.

I haven’t quite figured out a new routine yet for office hours, all in due time. But what coming back from my leave really means is that the wedding season is about to start. We have our first engagement session this week and a wedding next week. I’m so excited to get things started!

As we gear up for the 2015 wedding season, I couldn’t help but look back at last year’s season. As I did, I discovered that we shared only one of our weddings from 2014. It’s kind of crazy as I think back to how many goals I did not accomplish last year. I started the year out with a hustle mentality, but when morning sickness and pregnancy fatigue hit, my priorities soon had to be shifted. There is a time and a season for everything. Last year was all about growing little Rosie and I’m so thankful I had the flexibility of not over extending myself.

Now that we are parents, our priorities are continuing to shift and our roles are changing. We are being stretched, challenged, and remade. There are definitely growing pains involved, but there is also a lot of excitement and joy as we embark on a new chapter in our lives. We are finally going to get around to sharing some beautiful wedding stories with you. And I am going to continue writing about my passion – marriage. As I continue transitioning and trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t work, I’ve asked two women who I greatly admire to help me get things started with my 2015 Make Marriage Happen series. They are two people who are honest, willing to be vulnerable and have a passion for marriage like me. I can’t wait to have them share with you!

Here’s a recap of my Make Marriage Happen series from 2014. I look forward to continuing to write about this topic that is always on my heart and mind. Now so more than ever!

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March 2014Be Intimate

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July 2014Be Playful

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Photo: With Mother’s Day this Sunday, I thought this photo from our Lake Tahoe wedding last year was very apropos. Such a sweet moment between our clients Kim and Garrett and their moms.