A Real San Francisco Proposal

It is officially engagement season! Every time I open my Facebook feed, somebody else is engaged. Tis’ the season! We thought we’d join in the celebration and share a real San Francisco proposal we had the pleasure of photographing last year. Looking through the images, I now wish I had photos of my own proposal. I’m so happy to know Scott and Andrea will always have these to remember such a momentous day.

The proposal images I see most often, you can tell the photographer is pretty far away from the couple in order to not ruin the surprise moment. But we planned a different kind of experience with Scott and Andrea. The day Scott proposed was his actual birthday so he told Andrea ahead of time that he wanted to have some pictures taken of the two of them for his birthday. This gave Vitaliy the opportunity to get up close and personal while still keeping a distance when Scott went to actually pop the question. We decided ahead of time to take some portraits and when Vitaliy found the best spot there was a code word so Scott knew Vitaliy was ready whenever he was. It worked perfectly! There were hugs, tears and celebration!

I helped with the planning, but opted to stay in the car with Rose during the actual proposal in order to keep it intimate. But I couldn’t wait to give my own celebratory hug once they were all finished! This was so special to be a part of. I hope 2016 will open up more opportunities to photograph real proposals! Especially with beautiful views like this one of San Francisco in the background.

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Chris & Tiffany
Lifestyle Engagement Portraits

We have Stephen Hughes Photography to thank for sending us this super sweet couple!

And we are SO thankful because Chris and Tiffany are so much fun. We can’t wait for their wedding this October. Pictures are so much better paired with stories so I asked Chris and Tiffany to share how they first met and answer a few “get to know you” questions below. You’re going to enjoy this one!

Chris and Tiffany met at church in March 2011, but unlike your typical fairytale beginning, their first impressions were certainly not love at first sight. During their initial interactions, she found his demeanor rude and arrogant, while he thought of her as closed off and uptight. However, unbeknownst to either, both were still attracted to the other, and two years later, they found themselves getting better acquainted online via G-chat. Through nightly conversations before bed and daily messages during work, they found a vast number of similarities between them, such as humor, love of sci-fi shows, fascination with fantasy lore, interest in fitness, and appreciation for being homebodies. As chatting gave way to hanging out in person, a friendship began to blossom that soon developed into romantic feelings. After months of ambiguous talk and behavior, Tiffany decided to make the first move and confess her feelings to Chris, who happily admitted that he felt the same way. Since then, they have brought out the best in each other and have challenged each other to mature emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Both are incredibly thankful to have looked beyond first impressions for a whirlwind experience of finding a matchless partner with whom to journey alongside through this lifetime.

Q. How did you meet and what first attracted you to one another?

A. We met at church, and even though we didn’t become friends until a couple years later, it was our similar personality and several similar interests that really brought us closer.

Q. When and where did you first say those famous three words “I love you”?

A. Although we felt it early on, neither of us said the actual words until after we got engaged. We said words or phrases that sounded very similar to “I love you,” but we wanted to save the actual words for when we both felt that our relationship had reached a point of true commitment. After Chris proposed (in Humboldt County where we went to see the giant Redwoods) and put the ring on me, I said it first, and he said it back :)

Q. Can you share a favorite date idea you’ve enjoyed together as a couple?

A. One of the first dates we went on was a drive down to the coast of Cambria, CA. We spent the afternoon eating their famous olalliberry pie, walking on the beach, and talking about anything/everything. It was really casual and fun, and we both learned a lot more about each other during those conversations.

Q. What are you most excited about for your future as husband and wife?

A. Simply being able to spend time together without one of us having to go home at the end of the night. To start and end the day with my loving partner who makes the ins and outs of life more interesting and worthwhile.

Chris and Tiffany, I wish we could do your engagement session all over again. It really was that much fun! You guys have the best sense of humor and I know you are going to have a long life together filled with love and laughter. Vitaliy and I are so thrilled to be a part of the start of it all. Congratulations to you both! And many, many blessings on your journey ahead as husband and wife.

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Matt & Tracy
Lifestyle Engagement Portraits

Our first engagement session post-baby!

Matt and Tracy were referred to us by the lovely Nikki and Gabe, previous clients who we now call friends. And it’s just more proof that awesome clients bring along more awesome clients. We are constantly blessed each wedding season to work with such sweet and fun couples.

Here’s a little Q&A with Matt and Tracy.

Q. How did you meet and what first attracted you to one another?

A. We met at work in 2010 but sparks flew 2 years later at an office golf party where we were drawn to each other the whole night. Even with everyone around, we somehow managed to find our way back to one another to continue our conversation.

Matt: Her beautiful smile and her contagious laugh.

Tracy: His bay area “swag”.

Q. When and where did you first say those three famous words “I love you”?

A. We had been dating for 3 months and Tracy said I love you first before bed (a first for her!)

Q. Can you share a favorite date idea you’ve enjoyed together as a couple?

A. We did dinner and a movie at the Grove in Los Angeles, took a walk through the LACMA light installation and stopped by a local Irish watering hole – Molly Malone’s for a night cap.

Matt re-enacted our first date while Christmas shopping back at the Grove where he proposed at LACMA with friends and family hiding around. For old times sake, we walked over to celebrate at Molly Malone’s.

Q. What are you most excited about for your future as husband and wife?

A. Traveling the world together and starting a family (our next adventure!).

Matt and Tracy, we are so thrilled to start our 2015 wedding season with you! Congratulations on your engagement! It was a cold one in San Francisco, but you guys were total troopers. We had so much fun! It was an honor to document this special time in your lives. Thanks again for choosing us to be your wedding photographers! Enjoy!

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