Birthday Week

Friday is Vitaliy’s birthday. My Mustache Man is going to be 29 years old.

I have planned a full birthday week for Vitaliy. I stole the idea from my dear friend Missy and I’m sharing it here in case you want to use it for your beloved. The basic idea is to do a little something each day to lead up to the actual birthday. Missy recommended picking a theme and then designing the daily gifts/activities around that concept.

After a few demanding weeks, I decided the theme for Vitaliy’s birthday week would be RELAXATION. On Monday, he took the day off and I treated him to a movie that night. Tuesday I took him to a cigar shop. For Vitaliy, there’s nothing more relaxing then smoking the occasional cigar while sipping on a glass of Scotch. Wednesday was a Thai foot massage. Of course, I’m enjoying this birthday week too.

I won’t divulge the rest of my plans, but you get the idea. I have thoroughly enjoyed this idea! I am the worst birthday rememberer- planner-celebrator ever. They always sneak up on me and I never have enough time or energy to execute any of the brilliant ideas I think of. This has felt extremely doable and makes the celebrating last so much longer than just a day.

What other themes would you suggest? I want to be ready for next year!

P.S. I’m also giving Vitaliy a break from assisting me with the blog. As a result, this will be the only post for the week. Please wish Vitaliy a Happy, Happy Birthday and we’ll see you next week!