Beauty Shines Bright

A pop of yellow flowers

Vitaliy and I just ended an incredible day exploring Kiev together. I am totally exhausted, but I didn’t want to forget this memory.

Every time I leave the apartment, I’m reminded of how dirty Ukraine is. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. They just don’t have street cleaning services like in the U.S. or people to pick up trash. I finally understand why Ukrainians always take their shoes off upon entering someone’s home.

Today as we explored many different neighborhoods, there was one thing that stood out. The dirtier an area was, the more obvious it was to spot something pretty. At one point, I turned a corner and walked down an abandoned alley way. It was dirty and deserted, dark and gray. But my eye immediately caught the attention of some pretty flowers up ahead. It was so easy to spot the color amidst the contrasting gray. It reminded me that beauty is easy to spot amongst the ugliness of this world. Light is easy to glimpse in the darkness. Goodness is easy to notice amongst evil.

Just something to think about.

Vitaliy and I are leaving in the morning to travel to western Ukraine. I am finally going to see the city he was born in and the village he would visit every summer during visits to grandma and grandpa’s house.