Be Forgiving
Make Marriage Happen

I’m sitting outside underneath the strong California sun with the hot air caressing my skin. I love hot days! And in the bay area, we never get enough of them.

I’ve told myself recently to take advantage of each one that comes. So yesterday, we scratched our plans and spontaneously picnicked with friends at the park. And today, I’m working outside in this absolute perfect weather combining two of my favorite things – warm weather and writing.

Before I share the theme for this month, I have to thank you all again for joining me in this journey to Make Marriage Happen. My main prayer for myself this year is to cultivate a heart of thanksgiving and grace. Along with thanking God each morning for the small or big ways I see Him in my life, I’m also trying to make a better effort at giving thanks to others for ways I’ve felt moved or loved by them. And your comments, emails and messages regarding this series have truly been a gift. So thank you!

This month’s theme is a bit more challenging then previous ones. It’s the nitty gritty that’s needed every day in marriage. But with two imperfect people promising their lives to one another, I know that it can also be something that seems impossible for some couples when the pain or hurt runs deep. The theme for April is forgiveness.

I recall the first time needing to forgive someone. I was a sophomore in high school and finally came to grips with the bitterness that was bent up in my heart over my parents divorce. I realized I needed to forgive my parents if I wanted that to go away. But I wasn’t able to come to that realization until I met and accepted forgiveness from Jesus.

But I think the concept works beautifully in marriage too. It’s going to be very hard to forgive your spouse until you realize how much you are in need of forgiveness too. Think about it! It’s much easier for me to forgive Vitaliy for something he did today when I remember how much I needed his forgiveness yesterday. Right? And in marriage, this is how it goes. It’s a never ending need to give and receive forgiveness. And the better you get at practicing this in the small areas of your relationship, the better prepared you’ll be at navigating through the larger areas.

That’s what I’ve learned in my own relationship. Something to get you all thinking about! Let’s Make Marriage Happen. And let’s do it today, #beforgiving. Is there something you need to ask forgiveness for? Or perhaps there’s something you need to forgive your spouse for that you’ve been holding onto that’s now started to turn into bitterness? Whatever it is, choose forgiveness today regardless of how you feel. Feelings always come later.

The photo is an oldie from 2010 :)

Make Marriage Happen Be Forgiving