We’re Moving!

It’s finally here. Moving weekend!

I’ve typed out three different sentences and deleted them. I’m just feeling too many feelings. Too many thoughts running through my mind. And my arms hurt, my shoulders especially. Rose has had a fever the last few days and yesterday she had to be held in order to sleep. And while I rocked our babe, Vitaliy worked his hands to help turn our house into a home. This is a picture of marriage, teamwork. Everyone pitching in for the greater good of the whole.

This morning, over coffee and oatmeal, we committed to not being afraid. A bigger home means bigger expenses and that can be scary. So we shook on it! If I start fearing, then I know I’m letting my teammate down. And vice versa. We’re in this together. And we’re never alone. God provided this home for us. We must continue to trust.

We’re moving this weekend and then heading to St. Louis to introduce Rose to all of her family in the Midwest. I might be MIA for the next few weeks. I haven’t really decided yet, but I’m giving myself permission now to let go of a few things. I might need extra time alone to process this huge change we’re embarking on. Rose might need extra cuddles if she’s still not feeling well. My family might, no, they will definitely, want as much of me, well of us, as they can possibly get. And I’d hate to think of saying no to any of that because I was on my phone or my computer.

So, cheers to making happen what matters most! And now, back to the moving boxes I go. But when you have a helper as cute as Rose, it makes it that much more enjoyable.

We are moving!

The Weekender

It’s Friday! And you know what that means. Here’s a recap of my thoughts this week.

Don’t be afraid to ask. This weekend is a big one for us. We are cleaning and repainting the house we’re going to move into soon. Part of me really just wants to do it myself. That ugly need to control. Thankfully, I’ve learned the joy of asking for help. The gift of joy others receive by helping and the love we receive by their answer of “yes” to our need. It’s a beautiful exchange! Don’t miss out on this by wanting to go it alone, wanting to control, or feeling bad for asking.

Friendors. I believe that’s what they’re called – friends who are fellow vendors. In my case, within the wedding industry. Friendship can be hard even in my personal life, but I’ve found it to be even harder within the industry. So, this week I have to celebrate my new found friend Satra from Events By Satra. She is sweet, genuine and simply fun to be around. We decided our friendship has worked because we have similar personalities. I would also say proximity matters. She lives nearby so it’s very easy to get together. If you are feeling lonely, whether in life or in business, don’t give up! Keep connecting with others and you will find your friend or friendor. And if you are getting married and need a wedding planner, you would be well taken care of by Satra. She would be a joy to work with!

Date Night. I kept telling myself, we’ll be able to invest more in date night after this move. We just need to push through. Just do another date night in. At least it’s something. But doing another date night in was not what we needed, and I knew that. And let’s all face it, the minute you get passed one life hurdle, there will be another waiting for you on the other side. The “just push through” mentality never works! So, we found a babysitter, put Rose to bed, and finally got out of the house, away from all of our responsibilities, and invested into each other. It was exactly what I know we both needed and I am so happy we didn’t put it off another week.

Blogging. Can we have a brainstorm session? I’d love to hear from you! I’m gathering up ideas for new content. What would you like to read about on here? Any topics you enjoy most? Any questions I can answer? Regarding weddings, marriage, or anything else! I’m toying with the idea of starting to write about weddings – advice from a photographer? But struggling with what would be most helpful to a bride/groom. Please email me or leave a comment. And please do share – anything! I’ll take all thoughts into consideration. And if it’s a more personal question, email me and I would never share who asked. Thank you in advance!

Lara Casey Powersheets: I’m not going to lie – it’s been a few months since I’ve worked on my powersheets. But when I do, I see SUCH a huge difference in my productivity and my overall sense of peace. They just launched a new set of 2016 powersheets and have all kinds of new options. Go here now and grab yourself a set! I’m shopping mine today. And Vitaliy and I are praying about the possibility of doing a powersheets group with other couples (we have our clients in mind). Would there be an interest there?

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! If you need me, I’ll have my work/paint clothes on (do I even own such clothes?) and you can find me all Cinderella-like in our new home. Actually, that’s probably how you’ll find Vitaliy. Me, I’ll have my notebook out directing folks on where and how to help. Yeah, that sounds more like me!

Photo: A favorite from Chris and Tiffany’s recent wedding.

Bride and groom portrait

Salt Stains Shop
2016 Calendar

As I mentioned last week, we are in the process of moving.

I’m sure you all can relate – purging, boxing, cleaning and painting can feel quite daunting at times. But as I daydream about turning our new house into a home, I get butterflies of excitement and feel so thankful for this next chapter. After majorly downsizing almost four years ago, there will be a few things we need to purchase for the new place. But we’re in no rush. Living in a tiny space has taught us so many great lessons that we hope to carry into our new home. One of which – less is always more!

We are still two weeks away from moving, but I went ahead and made one single purchase for our new home. This beautiful calendar from Salt Stains!

Salt Stains was launched by our former client, now friend, Yuris. Her artistry blows me away! And I love the heart that goes into each piece she designs. I followed along as she began designing this calendar and I couldn’t believe the final product. When the calendar arrived, it was even more beautiful than I expected. I am so happy this was the first item purchased for our new home. I can’t wait to look at Yuris’ art each day and be reminded of the truths poured out onto each page.

Yuris and I are collaborating to give one lucky person a beautiful 2016 Love Verse Calendar. You can find all the details on my Instagram account! Also, check out the behind the scenes details of Salt Stains’ 12 Love Verses Calendar and be sure to check out her online shop.

Salts Stains 2016 Calendar Giveaway