Fall, My Favorite Time of Year

It’s that time of year again! Fall is definitely my favorite.

I love the anticipation of the holidays, the change of the weather, and most importantly the comfort and coziness of getting to pull out my sweaters again. The past few months, Vitaliy and I have had to readjust our date nights. With the nausea and fatigue I experienced my first trimester, I was definitely more inclined to spend relaxing time together in the comfort of my own home. But now that I’m starting to feel normal again (minus my growing belly) and have more energy, I’m starting to daydream and brainstorm some more exciting outings with my husband. I’m pretty sure he’ll be grateful!

I’ve got pumpkin picking on my mind, but before that, I’m hoping to make a trip to an apple orchard in the near future. We went last year on a trip to St. Louis and it was the perfect double date. Whether we go on a upcoming trip to the Midwest or here in the bay area, I hope to squeeze something in before it’s too late. It’ll be the perfect excuse to finally try baking a pie together too.

What are your traditions this time of year? I’d love to hear some of your ideas!

Eckert's Belleville Farm apple orchard

Clients Always Come First

Vitaliy and I are absolutely overwhelmed by all of your love and support after our recent announcement. Thank you all so much!

Prior to finding out our big news, Vitaliy and I had actually already started making some changes to our business. One of which was postponing blogging images until after we had delivered them to clients first and then to the appropriate vendors. It has been one of the best decisions we’ve made to date.

When we first started our business, we had no clue what to do. So, we did what most photographers do and look around at those who have gone before and try to incorporate things that have worked for them. We still learn a great deal from others, both in the industry and outside the industry, but after doing this now for 6 years you start to learn that things that work for one person don’t necessarily work for others.

Blogging is a great marketing tool and it has worked wonders for our business, but our number one goal in our business is to give our clients the best possible experience. And we have found that if we hold off on blogging, we can deliver our clients’ images even faster. And we know that’s precisely what they want.

The other reason we have found this works best for us is that blogging can take up so much of our time. This has also helped keep the blog in it’s rightful place, as a blessing to our business and not a burden. I can blog when I choose to rather then feeling like I “have” to. And boy am I thankful for that! Because shortly after making this change, I found out I was pregnant and there were definitely days, even weeks, I was not able to function like normal.

I’m so thankful that we’ve reached a point in our business that we’re confident in making moves that work for us and our clients, even if it’s not industry norm. We’re now delivering our images to clients faster than we ever have in the past! And that’s what matters most.

And now that I’ve got my energy back, I look forward to sharing more of what we’ve been up to this wedding season. Here’s a little sneak peek from a beauty back in April.

Wedding Photography by Pictilio

Big Announcement!

We closed our eyes, counted to three, and opened to find a big plus-sign on the test.

I’m the doubter in our relationship so it took me some convincing that the sign was in fact 100% positive. Then we screamed so loud while simultaneously jumping up and down that I regretted having the windows open that morning. We fell back into bed and just stared at each other with the biggest grins on our faces. We were going to be parents. Our unity as husband and wife had produced something fully him and fully me. What a beautiful thing God has created!

Baby Prokopets is set to arrive on February 14, 2015, our little Valentine. He or she will be surely loved!

With this being our first child, there are so many unknowns. But there is one thing we are certain of, that we will be loved and supported by our friends and family every step of the way. It has been an incredible experience to receive such love from so many already. Yesterday, we emailed our clients, both past and present, wanting them to hear the news first hand. And the response was overwhelming. We are so thankful for our family, our friends, and our clients – we know we’re not alone in this and that is a very reassuring thought.

One of our very sweet clients Jamie sent me a piece of advice upon hearing our news that echos my philosophy on marriage and parenting, “To raise healthy kids, simply put your marriage first and your children second. For many of today’s couples, the children are priority No. 1 and marriage is priority No. 10 – and few of us make it past the top three priorities on our daily to-do list.” I’m sure this baby will both challenge and strengthen our marriage in many ways and I hope to share about it with you in the process.

The sex of baby P will remain unknown, even to us, until we deliver. So, we look forward to sharing our little surprise in the new year. Thanks again for all of your love and support!

Big Announcement