While politics are often known to divide and separate people, this was not the case for these two.

Adam and Jessica met at a political campaign. Jessica noticed him right away, but it seems that Adam was playing a little “hard to get.” Thankfully, the act was short lived and they soon found themselves in a long distance relationship.

When Adam finally decided to pop the question, he knew he was going to have to orchestrate some very stealth-like moves if he was going to be successful at surprising Jessica. Let’s just call her curious and leave it at that.

Leading up to the big day, there were moments that put the entire operation at risk. But Adam wasn’t easily swayed. He continued on, making sure no detail was overlooked. He decided he would propose to Jessica at a secluded lookout point during a hike with their closest friends. Everyone who needed to know knew. All was in place.

Adam thought everything was in place until he learned the week of the proposal that Jessica didn’t want a proposal in front of others. Too many people were involved to change any of the plans at this stage. He knew that if anything was altered, he ran the risk of alerting Jessica. Adam decided he would figure things out on the hike.

And that’s exactly what he did. During the hike, the group stopped for lunch at the exact lookout point where he wanted to propose. While everyone was settling down for a break, he took the opportunity to go off alone with Jessica down to the rock’s edge. Adam got down on his knee and asked Jessica to marry him. They may have had onlookers from a distance, but there was nobody close enough to hear the intimacy of this moment. It will be forever theirs.

Adam and Jessica, congratulations again! It was so much fun photographing the two of you, as I’m sure you’ll see in the photos. I’m not sure who laughed more – you or us. We are so excited for your upcoming wedding in June. Cheers to celebrating your love!

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