A Christmas Card Adventure

We are in the process of taking down our Christmas decorations. I say, in the process, because we were supposed to complete the project last night, but the furthest I got was baking one last batch of “Christmas” cookies. As long as it’s seasonal, the calories don’t count, right?

I can’t think about Christmas this year and not think of our epic Christmas card. Our entire goal for this card was to make people laugh. I laughed so hard during the process of mailing these out that I burned enough calories for another cookie. Every time I picked up a card to address it, I’d look at the picture and just start falling over with laughter. Needless to say, it took awhile to get all of them addressed.

These pictures were all taken with a tripod and a self-timer. I’m happy to say that we, and when I say we I mean V, has perfected the tripod picture taking method. And just like our own portrait sessions, I do the majority of the directing. Although I’ve gotta hand it to Vitaliy on this one, he did direct us in the “serious running” photograph that we chose for our Christmas card. I also must add that this is a real orchard behind us, there was no photoshop involved in the making of this picture.

We loved them all so much that we decided to include them in the About Us section on our website. If you’d like to see more and hear how we met, you can click here.

man and woman running through the apple orchard in the fall
ukrainian kiss on the cheek
husband and wife dancing in the apple orchardcouple portrait in apple orchardserious expressions