7 Years:
The Deets


As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, Vitaliy and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary.

Though I made the announcement, I realized I never followed up to share how we celebrated. It was an absolute perfect day so I wanted to tell you all about it in case anyone wanted to steal any of the ideas.

The night before our anniversary, we swapped ideas, but we went to bed without any real decisions being made. That morning we woke up and decided to do 7 things that day to celebrate. We decided not to plan the day out, but to see how we felt after each activity at which point we’d plan the next. Without having a set plan and feeling like we needed to rush off to the next thing, the day flowed with total relaxation and ease.

Here are the 7 ways we celebrated.

1. Alana’s Cafe: One of our favorite things to do is go out to breakfast. We have a lot of memories together at Alana’s so we naturally found it to be the best way to start the day.

2. Oceanic Foot Spa: Getting pampered always feels like a good way to celebrate. Oceanic does incredible foot massages for an unbelievable price. The best part is that it ends up being a full body massage with an emphasis on the feet. We left feel relaxed for the rest of the day. I don’t think we’ll be waiting another year before we go back there.

3. City Lights Bookstore: The very first place Vitaliy ever took me when we started getting to know each other as friends was to Borders bookstore. He took me straight to the photography section (go figure!) and picked out a few of his favorite photographers. Then he sat me down and completely impressed me with his knowledge of the craft. Sadly, Borders is now a store of the past, but City Lights was located right by the restaurant where we planned to eat dinner. Vitaliy grabbed a few photography books on San Francisco and we enjoyed a little history lesson on our great city.

4. The House: We were first introduced to The House while celebrating our friends 10 year wedding anniversary. The food was so spectacular we decided it was a perfect place to return for our anniversary. As usual, it did not disappoint! If you live anywhere close to San Francisco or are planning a visit, you must checkout The House. It’s small and always packed so make a reservation or show up 15 minutes before it opens.

5. Anthony’s Cookies: After dinner, we needed something to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings. Chocolate Chip cookies are my go-to dessert so Vitaliy spoiled me with Anthony’s. We grabbed an assortment and made our way to the next destination.

6. Two Guns: Vitaliy and I like to think we’re movie connoisseurs. We love to watch movies of all kinds; we even go back to the old black and whites. We love to talk about the characters, the cinematography, the music, everything that makes up a good film. It only made sense that going to the movies would be the perfect way to end our day of relaxation and celebration. We picked Two Guns for a good laugh, and it did the job.

7. I take that back! We wanted to end our day with…I’m sure you can guess what the final activity was for our anniversary date. The best way to celebrate and keep the love alive. :-)

The photos above were taken at Alana’s Cafe.