20 Creative Date Night Ideas

Cooking Together

This is the third part of a three part series to get us thinking differently about date night.

I began this series because I think we need to focus not on what we’re doing for date night but why we’re doing it. It’s less about the activity and more about the connection the activity helps bring about. As I mentioned in a previous post, date night as boyfriend and girlfriend is about getting to know each other and developing your relationship. Date night in marriage is about cultivating and deepening your relationship.

You can read the first part here and the second part here. Today I want to give you 20 Date Night Ideas that you may not have thought of as “date night” material, but are all great ways to invest in your relationship. I hope these help! We’ve enjoyed some ourselves and are looking to others for the future.

  1. Go to marriage counseling and grab coffee after to discuss.
  2. Go for a day or overnight trip away from all of your daily responsibilities. A secret rendezvous!
  3. Take a financial class together.
  4. Read or listen to a marriage book together.
  5. Maybe life is just hard and you just need a good laugh together.
  6. Spend a night praying together.
  7. If you aren’t having date night, spend an evening discussing why and making a plan together.
  8. Buy two sets of power sheets and do them together each month. We do!
  9. Enjoy a dinner, each asking the question, how can I better love or serve you this week?
  10. Take a night to look at each others calendars and see what needs to be canceled so you have more time together.
  11. If childcare is a constant issue, invest an evening finding or training a new babysitter.
  12. Try new things! Do something your spouse loves one week, and then something you love the next week.
  13. If rest is what you need, take a nap together.
  14. Get together with another family and discuss the idea of a date night swap. One couple watches all the kids one week, and then swap the next week.
  15. New to a city and feeling homesick, go play tourist together and grow to love your new hometown together.
  16. Find a mentor couple and go on a double date. Feel free to ask them to share some wisdom!
  17. Redo an older tradition or maybe your first date to conjure up some of those earlier feelings and fond memories of each other.
  18. Has a messy home or bedroom been causing conflict? Spend a night tidying things up to bring some order and, consequently, peace into the home and heart.
  19. Drop the kids to a babysitter and then go back home to spend some time in the bedroom together.
  20. Plan a maintenance night.

What do you do to invest in your relationship? Ideas are always welcome! Please leave me a note in the comments. And if you know someone who might need some new ideas, please pass this post along!