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Pictilio is the husband-and-wife photography studio of Vitaliy & Candace Prokopets.

We’re based out of San Francisco, but we love to travel! As you can see, we enjoy taking pictures. But our first passion is to inspire couples to stay in love long past the wedding day.

So take a look at our portfolio, read our story, join the conversation on our blog, and then get in touch by emailFacebook, or Instagram.

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    From Our Blog

  1. We’re Moving!

    It’s finally here. Moving weekend! I’ve typed out three different sentences and deleted them. I’m just feeling too many feelings. Too many thoughts running through my mind. And my arms hurt, my shoulders especially. Rose has had a fever the … Continue reading

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  2. The Weekender

    It’s Friday! And you know what that means. Here’s a recap of my thoughts this week. Don’t be afraid to ask. This weekend is a big one for us. We are cleaning and repainting the house we’re going to move … Continue reading

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  3. Salt Stains Shop 2016 Calendar

    As I mentioned last week, we are in the process of moving. I’m sure you all can relate – purging, boxing, cleaning and painting can feel quite daunting at times. But as I daydream about turning our new house into … Continue reading

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  4. The Weekender

    Here is the latest installment of The Weekender! Cheers to costumes and candy and the weekend! Halloween: Vitaliy is shooting a wedding on Saturday with another photographer so it’ll just be Rose and me. I gave up on the family … Continue reading

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  5. Our Slow Cooked Life

    There was a time when I was pregnant with Rose that I couldn’t open the refrigerator without wanting to vomit. That time lasted my entire first trimester. This was also the time Vitaliy started to cook more. I am now … Continue reading

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Date Night Idea No 40

Fill the cookie jar with love notes. Fill the maibox with cookies.